Interlift 2017- world of elevator

It is bigger than ever and presents the innovations of the world market. The interlift 2015 is the leading meeting place for the sector and the highlight of the year for all decision-makers.

Some remarkable numbers:

Record figures for the quantity of exhibitors and the amount of exhibition area booked

574 exhibitors from 48 countries and 71 % of them are foreign exhibitors
(2015: 541 exhibitors from 43 countries, 70 % exhibitors came form foreign countries)

New record: with 44,000 m² gross exhibition space the interlift is also the largest so far
(2015: 42,500 m² gross)

71% of the exhibitors are foreigners! This makes the interlift the most international of all elevator trade fairs. It presents the world market and its innovations like no other show.

Italy defends its position as the second strongest country with 96 participating companies, after Germany with 169. In third place follows China with 68 companies, in fourth place Spain has caught up with 44 exhibitors, and Turkey follows in 5th position with 39 exhibitors.

The interlift is becoming increasingly attractive to the manufacturers of mobility products. like home lifts, lifting platforms and other products for accessibility are strongly represented in 2017

Never before has the interlift shown such a broad range of solutions for emergency remote calls; amongst these are a noticeably large number of exhibitors from other countries in Europe.

The LED as an energy-saving light source is asserting itself in an increasing way. Application fields have broadened and the product variety continues to expand. A number of new products are being offered by specialist exhibitors.

Not only BIM (Building Information Modelling) is meanwhile a must have for lift planning, and all software manufacturers offer solutions for this, also IoT (Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0 should not be forgotten. First components have already been provided with appropriate interfaces, and this is played off as an advantage by manufacturers.